YOUR LIFE ON HOLD - Echoes from the Bardo (limited edition)

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bestehend aus dem Album ECHOES FROM THE BARDO (6 panel digi pack with booklet, CD), einem exklusiven, hochwertigen YLOH Men oder Girl Shirt (100% Baumwolle, fair trade), ein limitiertes und nummeriertes A5 Information Leaflet sowie zwei YLOH Anstecker.


T-SHIRT (men oder girl Deiner Wahl)
DRUCK: weiss auf schwarzen Shirt
T-SHIRT: FOTL reine Baumwolle (100%)
ERHÄLTLICHE GRÖSSEN: M, L, XL, XXL (men) oder S, M, L, XL (girl)


Your Life On Hold has always been the soundtrack for the lonely soul; trapped between the walls we often built ourselves.

The Bardo is the Tibetan term for the Buddhist ‘intermediate state’ between death and reincarnation. But in this narrative, the concept was torn free from the Tibetan or any other religious interpretation. In that way the Bardo becomes a metaphor for the main idea behind Your Life On Hold. It’s the in-between world, that no-man’s-land between different stages in your life, between relationships, between darker days and better days. It’s the very core of what Your Life On Hold is all about.

The new album ‘Echoes from the Bardo’ wants to be the soundtrack for this psychological no-man’s-land where dreams and fears are stuck together. Nine pure gothic rock tracks as a journey through the Bardo, through the barren land of the lonely soul.

All songs hold different ideas and thoughts, as if they were broken dreams, carefully repaired with golden glue. It’s the shining light hidden in the dark, holding things together.

On this album Your Life On Hold chose a classic gothic rock sound. Dark but melodic, nine songs will guide you through the Bardo…


Like a light in the dark
I can see you
Patched up together
With golden glue

The lines on your skin
Stories unfold
Beautifully broken
Shining like gold


Format: 6 panel digi pack
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 30. Oktober 2020


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