MERCIFUL NUNS - Exosphere (VI)

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REDISCOVERED (33rd° series)

Die aktuelle remasterte Version präsentiert das originale Studioalben in einem neuen Klang! Durch die Anwendung modernster Studio-Technologie lag der Schwerpunkt hauptsächlich auf der bestmöglichen Wiedergabe der Originalaufnahmen und somit auf dem authentischsten Klang, der diese Musik seit ihrer Erstveröffentlichung ausgezeichnet hat. Die Songs wurden sorgfältig neu gemischt, teilweise neu aufgenommen, Tracklists überdacht und neu arrangiert. Jedes Album wurde perfektioniert und verdient nun wirklich den ehrenvollen Zusatz "33°" - für den höchsten erreichbaren Grad der Perfektion. Die 33.°-Serie kommt in einem wunderschönen, mattierten Digipack, einschließlich eines Booklets mit allen Songtexten.


MERCIFUL NUNS are a phenomenon. The familiar yet still curiously strange sounds awaken feelings and emotions believed to be lost long ago, harking back to the days when Goth was still an ethos, a kind of religion. MERCIFUL NUNS have managed to remain unique against all trends and topic currents; worshipped almost fanatically by their fans all over the world! MERCIFUL NUNS are more than just a band, they are an attitude and awareness of life. Something which either does not originate from this world or is not intended for it. Something for the initiated, the knowledgeable or the plain curious.  This collective of like minded people are known as the NUNHOOD; they gather in Lodges, organised gatherings or concerts and carry the elitist fundamental concepts of the band’s charismatic vocalist and head Artaud Seth into the world. All the while their numbers continue to swell!  For they know that the true mysterium is hidden out there, behind the Exosphere.  The very hostile emptiness beyond the protective shield of our Earth’s atmosphere is the place where MERCIFUL NUNS’ sixth album endeavours to take us. EXOSPHERE VI does not impart any messages nor is there any intension to prove or disprove concrete theories.  The album is meant to stimulate contemplation and enquiry. Why do WE exist?  Where do WE come from?  And where do WE go from here? MERCIFUL NUNS take us into the worlds beyond, parallel universes and cosmic spheres, all the while traversing with us the most surreal dreamscapes filled with echoes of long gone high cultures and civilisations. At times effervescent and powerful such as the album’s opener EXOSPHERE or its first single SUPERNOVAE, sometimes driven and atmospheric as in ULTRAVIOLET and BLACKBODY. The entire album is marked out by its homogenous coordination between atmosphere and lyrics and the remarkable quality with which it has been produced. The grandiose finale is unlikely to ever find an equal in darkness as demonstrated by the 13 minute epochal THE PASSING BELL. Artaud, Jawa and Jón have created an album for eternity with EXOSPHERE VI, something that can take you along into a different world. It can but does not need to necessarily do so. Polarised differentness of which the band is all too aware of.  MERCIFUL NUNS offer audio-visual pathways and portals; whether you chose to make use of them is your call alone.

2. Auflage (33° series). Digipack (matt finish) mit Booklet.

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 11.2013


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