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In 2012, WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW released their seventh and first studio album on Solar Lodge. On this new album “Whispers” create a more cinematic and atmospheric style, which they achieve by the heavy use of oriental sounds and percussions such as tablas, darabukas and a hammered dulcimer. Together with director Edie Calie they produced their most sophisticated promo video so far. Instead of going for the obvious choice and choosing some of the faster almost post punk like tracks such as “Words Made Flesh” or “Call To Arms” they went for the epic and hymn like title track. The video itself deals with one of the main themes of the album: The Babalon Current, the scarlet woman, the holy whore. Other tracks such as “Back To The Wound” or “The Tempest” provide an almost ritualistic nature with tribal style drums, and chant like singing. Whereas “Reinvention” is heavenly influenced by “Motion Picture Soundtracks” such as the likes of John Carpenter. With no doubt one of the highlights of this album is the 8min+ closing track “Revealed As Light”. Driven by a hypnotic bass line and a dark sinister atmo-spherethis epic song draws the listener deeper into the perils of his souls. Let the Rites of Passage begin.


CD Jewel Tray including 16 pages Booklet
Date of release: 04.2012


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