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REDISCOVERED (33rd° series)

The current remastered version exhibits the original studio albums in a new sound! By applying the most up-date studio technology alongside the original sound equipment the primary focus remained firmly on the best possible re-creation of the original recordings and thus resulting in the most authentic match for the sound quality which has distinguished this music since its original publication.  Songs were carefully re-mixed, partly re-recorded, tracklists reconsidered and rearranged; each album was brought to perfection which truly deserves the honorary addition 33° - for the highest achievable degree of perfection. The 33rd° series comes along in a beautiful matt finished digi pack, including a booklet with all lyrics. 


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Only a few months after the release of "Goetia IV" MERCIFUL NUNS follow up with the second part of their trip down memory lane to the temples of our ancestors. Whereas "Goetia IV" was presented in an extrovert and powerful fashion, the first few seconds into its successor reveal a completely different offering this time around. The album appears to be more contemplative, almost sacral and gloriously mystical, laden with wonderful Acheronian chords in minor. In seamless transition the tracks build upon each other to form a cohesive melodic and all round brilliant superstructure. Melodies are revisited in later songs and aptly transferred into a new environment, creating moments of strange familiarity and bringing that which has already been heard closer still. MERCIFUL NUNS are Goth. Goth void of Rock. The very charismatic powerfully produced sound with its recondite atmosphere, dominant bass lines, delicate guitars and expressive vocals, weaving between hypnotic poignancy and nigh despairing melancholy appears to be something the Goth scene has been waiting for many years. MERCIFUL NUNS are cult! They re-ignite something in the Goth scene that has long been consigned to ashes of memory: spirituality, contemplation and significant depth.

2nd edition (33° series). Digipack in matt finish with booklet.
Date of release: 02.2013



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