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This new EP builds on MERCIFUL NUNS previous album "Exosphere VI", and takes it one step further beyond the Alphashere. The "Exoplanet EP" comments on many of humanity’s deepest questions, not the least of which is who our “creators” may have been. And even more fundamentally, it exudes awe at the beauty and complexity of our universe. Musically it ebbs and flows just as the universe pulses and as the bell of the universe continues to chime. Thematically, it offers thoughts and ideas without preaching. You never feel as if you are being spoon-fed answers but rather insights and questions are being shared which allows you to come to your own conclusions. Any number of interpretations are certainly available to the listener. At the same time, we are taken on a ride through our vast universe and are allowed to simply pause and marvel at its beauty. The MERCIFUL NUNS continue to evolve release after release and are surely setting the standard by which all other music of the gothic rock genre should be measured against. From the darkest, coldest depths; a shimmering aural wall ever so slowly takes shape and builds in intensity. Faint, hypnotic, ancient whispers begin to surface. A much clearer voice from beyond now begins to take form and reminds us of that which we have forgotten. Welcome to the Exoplanet!


EXOPLANET comes along in a wonderful double deluxe hardcover gatefold CD + Vinyl 7". Strictly limited of 1500 copies!!!!

Date of release: 02.2014





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