What if, one day, foreboding turns into reality? What if no “reboot manual” were available for such an event? What if some unknown technology were employed in the manipulation of mankind? What if as a result the very foundation of our existence, planet Earth would become gradually misanthropic and uninhabitable? And what if we knew the timeline for the extinction event of all existence… 16th March 2034. 
The observer is subjected to imagery probably never before entertained in one’s inner vision and consequently exposed to such vehemence, making it impossible to elude its maelstrom. The philosophically inspired SCORE of NEAR EARTH ORBIT demands the listener’s full attention as it abandons the constraints of space and time, encouraging cogitation. Who created the universe and what exactly is humankind’s role in it? And what will happen in the last few years before the end of the world? The SCORE defines 5 realistic threats for the apocalypse:
meteor impact and alien invasion
nuclear war
artificial intelligence
global warming
alien worlds
NEAR EARTH ORBIT shows an intriguing and altogether alien scenario, filled with apocalyptic doom and uncompromising loneliness. Tuned-down guitars, exoplanetary soundscapes and haunting otherworldly melody, perfectly arranged and produced.  Mind is the only constant of all existence!