MERCIFUL NUNS - Oneironauts (limited 2CD) [grandmaster pack]

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ONEIRONAUTS [grandmaster pack]

  • album ONEIRONAUTS, digipack, matt finish (2CD, limited incl. bonus CD "Oneirophobia")
  • ONEIRONAUTS T-Shirt (logo on black shirt, 100% cotton, fairtrade)
  • ONEIRONAUTS "Exogesis leaflet (A5) by Artaud Seth" handnumbered and signed
  • limited 500!


MERCIFUL NUNS, the occult-driven band led by the mastermind Artaud Seth, takes its audience on a captivating journey into supernatural realms with their latest work, "ONEIRONAUTS." This concept album, infused with atmospheric goth-rock and occult influences, revolves around the mysterious deities of Kvltan, weaving a sonic tapestry that is both eerie and compelling.

The titular track, "ONEIRONAUTS," serves as the perfect introduction to the album's overarching concept. Ethereal melodies seamlessly blend with Artaud Seth's haunting vocals, creating an immersive atmosphere. The rhythmic pulse leads the listener into a dream-like state, setting the stage for the unfolding occult narrative. This song is divided into 4 parts and, with a runtime of almost 18 minutes, is a true monster of creativity. It takes us on a dream journey where we stand at the gates of sleep, battle their guardians, and venture further into the forgotten realms of a civilization that once dwelled around the Olympus Mons Peak.

"REQUIEM OF THE DEPARTED" delves deeper into the darker realms of MERCIFUL NUNS' sound. The somber instrumentation and Seth's emotive vocals evoke a sense of mourning and introspection. The rich textures of the track contribute to the album's atmospheric depth, ensuring a captivating listening experience.

"BAALGOR" boldly steps into more dynamic terrain, sounding almost progressive. The driving rhythm and intricate guitar work provide a clear contrast to the ethereal moments of the album. This track showcases the band's ability to seamlessly blend different elements, captivating the listener while maintaining the thematic coherence of the album.

Seamlessly transitioning into "SUMMONING THE FALLEN HOST," the album becomes a ritualistic invocation. The pulsating beats and occult undertones transport the listener to a ceremonial space, where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural blur. MERCIFUL NUNS' skillful use of atmospheric elements enhances the feeling of attending an ancient ceremony.

The album concludes with "SOUVENIRS DE KVLTAN" as a reflective epilogue. The haunting piano melodies and poignant lyrics bring the narrative to its end. It's a moment of pause, inviting the listener to reconsider, reflect, and get lost in the kvltanian landscapes crafted by MERCIFUL NUNS.

In summary, "ONEIRONAUTS" is a testament to MERCIFUL NUNS' outstanding position in atmospheric goth-rock. The cohesive concept and seamless integration of occult themes make it a perfect addition to their discography. The album's ability to transport listeners into the mysterious world of Kvltan showcases the band's commitment to a truly captivating musical experience.


„o father, o sopor, o sons ov sleep
 open thus gate! oneironauts, let us dream!“ 


Digipack (matt finish, 6panel, 2CDs) with booklet.
Date of release: 8th of February 2024 (Order now and receive it exclusively and only here at the Lodge 3 weeks before the release date!)