AEON SABLE - Aenigma

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Aeon Sable’s reimagining of a World on a Precipice


"In AEON SABLE's seventh studio album AENIGMA, the nectar of the previous albums has merged. AENIGMA explores dark hiding places in the souls of the living and the deceased, pondering on the weaknesses and despair of humanity, where redemption is merely a fiction of a feverish imagination." Nino Sable


Four years after their last release AETHER, the gothic rock formation AEON SABLE release their seventh studio album AENIGMA on the Berlin label Solar Lodge. The titles of the tracks speak to the unmistakably dark and gritty angle of attack taken by this Ruhr valley based musical assembly.  Opening with the brooding and menacing “Birth of the Godforsaken”, this seven tracks, hour-long album is a body of work which underscores the writers’ commitment to their craft, pulling at the sinews of the soul, expanding the palette of emotions beyond the daily routine of human existence. The musical experience of the twin driving forces behind AENIGMA, Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable burns through all the tracks with an intensity existing fans of the band will recognize and which will surely attract a new following. Adorning themselves with the long cloak of the gothic rock genre, Din-Tah and Nino once again prove that it is not a crude, simplistic artform which is one-dimensional, but rather a concept which is open to interpretation and development. AEON SABLE exists on a spectrum of dark light where the wavelengths dance in the shadows. Alternating between the harder, more tempestuous sounds of “Birth of the Godforsaken”, “The End and Beyond” and “Loki Ad Anguis”, the duo switch in to a rawer tempo with “Burning in Black” (video), “Twin Flames in Spring”, “Loaded Dice On Lovers Lane” and “From Witchcraft To Deviltry”. In terms of content and themes, AENIGMA touches on familiar dark terrain but has episodes of madness liberally interspersed to reflect the unhinged moments where the loss of control is unpredictable and devastating. Both lyrically and musically, this work shines through a Catherine wheel draped in shades of black.


CD 6panel Digi pack
Date of release: 18.08.2023


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