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REDISCOVERED (33rd° series)

The current remastered version exhibits the original studio albums in a new sound! By applying the most up-date studio technology alongside the original sound equipment the primary focus remained firmly on the best possible re-creation of the original recordings and thus resulting in the most authentic match for the sound quality which has distinguished this music since its original publication.  Songs were carefully re-mixed, partly re-recorded, tracklists reconsidered and rearranged; each album was brought to perfection which truly deserves the honorary addition 33° - for the highest achievable degree of perfection. The 33rd° series comes along in a beautiful matt finished digi pack, including a booklet with all lyrics. 


10 CDs

This offer is limited in time and depends on the availability of the T-shirts.



FRONT MOTIVE: Babalon (Bandlogo) - Thelema - Goetia V - A-U-M
PRINT: white and red on black t-shirt
T-SHIRT: FOTL pure cotton (100%)
AVAILABLE SIZES: M, L, XL, XXL (men) - S, M, L (girl)

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