NEAR EARTH ORBIT - A.T.O.M. (reworked 2020)

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To Understand Your Past, Look to Your Future: The church of the Children of A.T.O.M. believed the year 2034 to have been a great holy event perpetuated by their God, Atom. In fact it was not! Although their settlements are concentrated primarily in the hemisphere of IO which is constantly bathed in Lucifer’s rays, some habitants of A.T.O.M. have begun in recent generations to explore the far side, the hemisphere facing away from Lucifer, still covered in ice. There they could witness the origin of the apocalypse which destroyed huge parts of multiverse 47AE before. From that moment on they knew to being an impossibility in an impossible world existing in parallel universes, constantly interacting with each other. In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.

A.bandoned T.erritories O.f M.ankind – a synonym denoting planet Earth contaminated by nuclear fallout, plays out on three different planes of space and time: the Generation class space ships of the Alpha and E.D.E.N. missions, the exoplanet A.T.O.M. and Earth respectively.  Whilst on Earth the last few remaining inhabitants continue their hopeless struggle for survival, two spaceships traverse the interstellar medium in search for a new habitat.  Their destination: Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Titan, followed by a survey mission of the Einstein-Rosen-bridge in close proximity to IO, where on the 15th May 2033 the initial ominous radio signals appeared to originate from; prompting our departure into the interstellar medium.  The Atomos symbolises the beginning and end of the Anthropocene.  It equipped mankind with a brand-new quantum-mechanical source of energy for a sustainable propulsion drive required for the new spaceship class, but also meant the demise and complete extinction of all life on their home planet Earth.  Subsequent generations of these first interstellar settlers would come to call their god Atomos – ATOM.  

„What you see aren’t stars. What you see are nine billion nuclear explosions.“ (NINE BILLION NAMES OF GOD)

E.D.E.N. mission, entry 158-A: „Since the device has been cleared from the sand of aeons in the desert at Giza and following its retrieval, the world has changed forever. WE knew it, THEY knew it. The world congress immediately incepted the E.D.E.N. mission, now in the seventh month of its continuous search for an alternative habitable planet. We are closing in on Jupiter’s orbit and therefore our secondary goal the informative preservation of our race. We failed in our primary purpose – the salvation of mankind. 3hrs before ZEROPOINT.“

„The world we once knew no longer exists. We are alone. I am not afraid“. 2034-03-16, 0.58am CET

„This is my final entry: As expected I have reached my destination and led the E.D.E.N. mission to its assigned purpose. The instruments are in place, the transmitters set up and aligned. The solar sails should provide electricity for the coming decades. The receiver has been restored to its rightful place which it had left aeons ago. The strange sounds which could be heard since I switched on the device are subsiding. IO traverses its lonely orbit and I travel along with it. A return to Earth is not possible. I am the last of my kind amidst the depths of the universe. It is a world without us.“ 2034-03-16, 1am CET


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Date of release: 06.10.2016 (reworked 04.2020)





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